ZONE 261 – Trailer

Landskrona, Sweden, 2013. Strong ethnical hatred between immigrants and native Swedes. A ship crashes into the harbor dock. Police enter the wreck – and are attacked by the infected crew. Bitten policemen fall in a coma – and wake up as rabid monsters.

The disease spreads like a wildfire. Everyone tries to escape.

But the city is quarantined – the military erects a concrete wall around the city. The few non-infected – Swedes and immigrants alike – take shelter in the citadel.

As the infected try to claw their way into their sanctuary, the non-infected have to decide who the worst monsters are: their former enemies inside – or the infected on the outside.

As the tension inside the citadel escalate to boiling point, the non-infected, in order to survive, have to decide if they view their former enemies as monsters – or as brothers and sisters; if they see each other as immigrants and Swedes – or as fellow humans.

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