Twinmotion teaser conception

How is a project born, how is a simple idea born? We are inspired and influenced by our culture, our ambition, by a landscape, a program …

And then … how do you represent an idea?

Whether using wood and cardboard or 3D design software the problem remains the same: how to use the most appropriate tools, in the most effective way possible, to ensure that the original idea isn’t lost?

The tools have never ceased to evolve in response to the demands of human intuition, and the real-time approach of Twinmotion is similarly aligned — seeking second nature.

Of course we’re aware that many different approaches to workflow exist in architectural design, and even more in 3D design. Indeed, every agency can develop their own unique way of working.

However, Twinmotion is a very accessible application that doesn’t attempt to compete with most modeling tools; although it does, quite naturally, import all that you might use elsewhere, and it possesses its own intuitive modeling tools which are remarkably receptive.

Raphael Pierrat, Architect — CEO Twinmotion
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