Space Shapes – The Luna Open Movie

The development of Blender, our 3D software of choice, is driven by “open movie” (and “open game”) projects. As Elephant’s Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Yo Frankie!, and Sintel are produced, the artists and programmers work together to develop new tools for Blender.

Our concept of the open movie is a little different — instead of developing software, our students are developing skills!

The Luna Open Movie was created by participants of the June and July 2010 Blender Production Workshop at the Ott Planetarium.

The show and its source is available to the world under the Creative Commons Attribution License!

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Music Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Full Credits:​View?id=dc38njhf_206hfvncdc5​planetarium/​luna

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