Sony Ericsson – Smart Extras

Sony Ericsson approached us when they needed something to show at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They wanted a film presenting their new concept Smart Extras with the mini display LiveView in focus. Of course we were up for the challenge.

Diving into the Smart Extras concept we saw a chance to make something out of the ordinary. Smart Extras is a range of phone accessories that are made smart by adding applications to them. Just as you extend the capabilities of your smart phone with applications, you can now do the same thing with your accessories.

This combination of hardware and software sparked an idea about combining a lot of different techniques for an interesting, inspiring look. We wanted the viewer never to be sure how the different effects were made. What is real? What is fake? But we still wanted the overall expression to be simple and kept together. Smart is simple, right?

We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but lets just say we made a movie, projected it back on a carefully matched set with a carefully matched projector, threw in a couple of hand models and a bird and filmed it all with a carefully matched camera in one take. And then some…

Client: Sony Ericsson
Direction and Production: Upper First
Sound Design: Kungen & Hertigen
Year: 2011

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