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Megamind Trailer 3

Dreamworks Animation has released a new trailer for Megamind, which going to release on November 5, 2010. Related link: DreamworksAnimation Channel


12 Car Makings in Maya

This is the collection of 12 car makings in maya. Here you can find sport car, future car, mercedes, ferrari, ford, classic car, etc. Hope you will find this post useful. Check it out.


60+ Best Free 3D Animal Models

Download the collection of 60+ best free wild and domestic animal 3d models from across the web. Available in many popular 3d format. Enjoy!


61+ Free Human Skin Textures

Download collection of 61+ best free human skin textures from across the web. Here you can find wide variety of human skin textures. Enjoy!

Top 50 Upcoming 3D Games for 2010

Top 50 Upcoming 3D Games for 2010

There are hundreds of games announced and coming soon. Here I have listed top 50 upcoming 3d games for 2010 with Release dates and backlink to official site. Check it out and do not forget to make comment on which one you most interested in?