Ian Hubert’s 2010 VFX Reel

Most all of the 3d stuff was done in Blender, with compositing in After Effects.

A lot of the footage comes from the film I’ve been working on for the past 4 years, “Project London” (www.projectlondonmovie.com).

The shot flying down the city street is from Andrew Bellware’s film ‘Clonehunter’http://pandoramachine.com/films/0904/.

The song was written by my friend Scott Hampson and I, and performed by him.

ALSO! Other folks who deserve great shoutouts for parts of the CG work in there:

Paul Spooner, Dolf Veenvliet, Nathan Vegdahl, Nate Taylor, and a lot of the Project London footage was shot by Barry Gregg.


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