GHOST 2011 Promotional Video

Haunted by the visions of evil Angels since she was a baby, Jennifer Rhys can’t believe any Angel is good—until she must face the unthinkable: her human life’s end and her rebirth as the Angel she once was, the last of the Heavenly Guardians called GHOSTS.

Loved by the Creator, targeted for annihilation by Darkness and its self proclaimed leader, the Angel Iblis, Ghost must save the world from Iblis’s insatiable desire to take all that is good and twist it to evil. Her world view blighted by Iblis’s brutal murder of her parents, Jennifer wages war against her entire Angelic identity, savagely rejecting Muon the Herald, a magic/angelic child with the potential power for greatest good—or greatest evil, and denying Sidriel, the Other Half of her Angelic being, split from her by Iblis following His fall from Heaven. But as the world spirals into Iblis’s plot of darkness and violence, Jennifer returns to her existence as Ghost to battle Iblis, and in doing so, must face the greatest loss of all.

GHOST is an original illustrated novel written by Phoebe Reeves and illustrated by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray. GHOST is book one of the GHOST trilogy: GHOST, NEPHLIM and ARCHANGEL.

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