Emerging, Design-Focused Production Studio Leviathan is Now Ready for Primetime

Studio’s Whirlpool Cabrio Spot for Arc Worldwide Debuted Across the U.S.
During Super Bowl Sunday Pre-Game Broadcasts

CHICAGO — Feb. 15, 2011 — TThe principals of design-focused production studio Leviathan (www.lvthn.com) are very proud to announce that their latest work for Whirlpool and advertising agency Arc Worldwide debuted across America as part of the official Super Bowl XLV pre-game broadcast on Fox. With the delivery of this project and many other high-profile successes since its launch last year, Leviathan’s executive producer Chad Hutson, executive creative director Jason White, chief scientist Matt Daly and their colleagues feel that Leviathan is now prepared to face the world’s biggest content creation challenges, in style.

“We are very proud to have a great working history with everyone at Arc Worldwide,” began Jason White. “For this new high-profile spot, they wanted to present the Whirlpool Cabrio’s impressive, eco-friendly features in a visually appealing way. We pride ourselves in creating animation that can be photo-real, and even hyper-real, and the previs we created to showcase our ideas gave the agency and clients confidence that this was the way to go.”

“This assignment came with a small budget and an even smaller window of time in which it needed to be created – two things that don’t naturally lend themselves to Super Bowl pre-game-worthy production values,” said Jeremy Bersano, senior copywriter for Arc Worldwide. “Plus, our production schedule fell right in the middle of the holidays. So you could say conditions were less than optimal. But Leviathan made it work. We gave them a lot of creative freedom during the production, and they ran with it. They’re well aware of the fine line between design for design’s sake and design that serves a purpose; and managed to find just the right balance of function and flair. We couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

“Maya is our 3D tool of choice, with V-ray as our renderer… but along with sound creative from the agency, we feel that information design is the other hero in this spot,” said Leviathan’s Sam Gierasimczuk, who directed the project. “The talents of our staff 2D designers produced infographics that clearly and stylishly communicate the products’ most important, energy-saving features in ways we feel TV audiences will remember.”

For one of its other recent assignments from Arc Worldwide, Leviathan produced a stunning experiential Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit, providing a hands-on virtual tour of the Maytag Bravos X(TM) series of washers through real-time 3D animation. Using the manufacturer’s CAD data, Leviathan’s artists built the custom exhibit, which was later developed into an online feature, drawing its own far-reaching strengths, and those of sibling digital creative agency eatdrink.

“We work a lot with simpler real-time 3D animation, and we’re always looking for projects that involve more complex geometry and materials,” Matt Daly explained. “With the goal of creating the biggest reactions possible for the Bravos X exhibit, we designed and developed this project to feature HD footage and real-time playback software. The crowds were truly blown away by the results.”

During the recent holiday season, Leviathan teamed up with agency Method Engine for Thermos and Threadless, creating a fun new spot showcasing the fresh designs from Threadless now appearing on new Thermos bottles sold at Target. The studio’s other recent high-profile projects include an intense on-air graphics package for Fox Sports’ SPEED Channel, other assignments currently underway for Walt Disney Imagineering, and ongoing collaborations with eatdrink, to include the recent FWA Award-nominated “Bear-a-oke” Facebook application created for Diageo and Ursus Vodka through lead agency Euro RSCG Discovery. Notably, Leviathan also sponsored and played key roles in last year’s national Motion Graphics Festival, including the hosting of its Chicago festivities.

“Regarding the new Cabrio spot, we really admire the Arc team for coming to us with such a sophisticated concept, which made such a big impact for their clients on Super Bowl Sunday,” explained Jason White. “We are extremely grateful to have had so many chances to show our amazing clients and peers what we’re capable of. Looking forward, we know that we are ready for anything.

Each mentioned project appears in Leviathan’s 2011 reel.

For Whirlpool Cabrio “Stats,” along with Jeremy Bersano, Arc Worldwide’s credits include creative director Jim Paul, associate creative director Melinda Roenisch, art director Justin Tillich, agency executive producer David L. Moore, agency producer Laurie Gustafson, and account supervisor Jennifer Costigan. Complete project credits are available upon request.

About Leviathan
Leviathan is a design-focused production studio specializing in the creation of large-scale visual experiences across all media. The emerging studio’s leaders are champions of breakthrough design and branding who draw from experiences earned within the world’s leading digital agencies, production companies, VFX and motion studios. Also leveraging the talents of extraordinary storytellers, software developers, producers and artists, Leviathan develops cutting edge content that maximizes the greatest capabilities of today’s media platforms, from broadcast to experiential installations. Since launching in 2010, the studio’s collaborations with agencies, brands and leading filmmakers have resulted in sensational projects across all markets and industries. Further adding to Leviathan’s strengths, its shared resources and creative philosophies with digital creative agency eatdrink (www.eatdrink.com) add superior efficiencies in the development and delivery of original interactive content. To learn more about Leviathan, please visit www.lvthn.com, or call executive producer Chad Hutson at +1.312.878.1500.

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