Cornucopia3D Contest – The Glory of Greece

From the Parthenon to the theater of Epidaurus, from Solon to Aristotle and Alexander, the history of ancient Greece is full of incredible people and places. We’d like to take you back this month, to the shores of Homer’s wine dark seas, and watch as you visit Troy, Athens, Sparta, Crete, and the many other places real and mythical that make the idea of ancient Greece come alive!

Image contest prizes:

1st prize: 1 month’s free C.Club membership, the “Greek Village” set, plus a $30 Cornucopia3D content voucher.
2nd prize: $25 Cornucopia3D content voucher.
3rd prize: $15 Cornucopia3D content voucher.

The The Glory of Greece image contest will run from Friday 1st of October, through Sunday 31st of October (midnight, GMT). Winners will be announced in the Cornucopia3D forums by Wednesday 10th of November. Images will be judged by the Cornucopia3D moderator and admin staff.

Contest rules:

1. Images must illustrate something from the contest theme, The Glory of Greece.
2. At least 1 (one) item from Cornucopia3D must be used and credit must be given in image upload.
3. Postwork is allowed; however, you must state what postwork has been done.
4. Images must be original and not been previously posted online anywhere before.
5. Images may not be uploaded or displayed elsewhere online until contest is concluded and winners are announced.
6. Images must be uploaded to the The Glory of Greece contest gallery.
Please take your time when uploading your image and select the correct gallery. Images uploaded to the incorrect gallery will not be considered.
Cornucopia3D staff can not upload or otherwise edit images for you.
7. 1 (one) image per member can be entered in the contest; but feel free to post similarly themed images to the other galleries!

For any questions relative to contests, please contact

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