category: Scripts

MorphConnector – 3dsmax Script

This tool will assist you when mapping Morph’s tracks to a joystick and when connecting corrective morphs. It allows you to choose …


Copitor – 3dsmax Script

Copitor allow you to quick copy/paste selected objects to another Max scene or in another Max if you have 2 3dsMax opened.

Spring Magic – 3dsmax Script

Spring Magic is a script for adding quick secondary animation to splines,bones and biped. Current version not supported with CAT (Character Animation …

EdgeFinder – 3dsmax Script

A script by Havard Schei that finds the edges of a mesh and creates an edge map and/or creates roughed up edges …


BonyFace 2.5 – 3dsmax Script

Is a professional solution for rigging and animating facial expressions on 3D Faces with ease and flexibility. BonyFace is a 3dsmax Script …


Poly-G Maxscript

Poly-G is a panel of various utilities for polygon-modeling which either provide a feature not found in Max or make things a …


Voxelator tool for 3ds max

Voxelator is a grid based voxel generation for 3ds max. You can easly convert your animated 3d objects to the voxel shapes.