Autodesk Masters Nominees 2010

Cast your vote for this year’s Autodesk® Maya Masters, 3ds Max® Masters, Softimage® Masters and Mudbox® Masters.

Profile of an Autodesk Master
Autodesk recognizes exceptional people through its Masters program. They are from all walks of life—digital artists, designers, visual storytellers, and scientists. They produce work that reshapes and redefines the boundaries of technology, art, digital entertainment and visualization using Autodesk 3D software. Their spirit and imagination drives them to find new ways of doing things and to see the world through a different lens. They are inspired and inspiring.

Autodesk Masters Nominees, 2010 Honors
During the past year, people in the 3D computer graphics community have nominated the artists named below to receive an Autodesk Masters Award for their innovative work with Autodesk® Maya , 3ds Max®, Softimage®, Mudbox® and for their contribution to the 3D computer graphics industry.

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