850 METERS, the making-of : #1 The origins


850 METERS is an “after hours” project, a 10-minute animated comedy short currently in production, produced by THURISTAR and Lunanime, with the support of the VAF.

The film tells the QUEST of a FAME-AND-FORTUNE-hungry, wannabe hero, in a not-so-fairy tale!

850 METERS will be completed in 2011. As we move forward with the production of the short, THURISTAR is also producing a ‘making-of’ of the film. The idea is to follow the work of our small team ‘behind the scenes’, through monthly 2-minute episodes, each of them featuring a different production step.
Mostly Belgian, but also French, American, Norwegian and from Luxemburg, the 850 METERS team is working between London, Paris, Valence, Albuquerque, Kortrijk and Ghent, for a few months of ‘after hours’ production.

Follow the making-of on thuristar.com/​projects/​850-meters/

Watch teaser here: http://www.rockthe3d.com/850-meters-teaser/

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