65 Best Free High Resolution Animal Textures


To make photorealistic 3D animal model you need quality high-res textures. In this extensive handpicked collection, you will find 65 best free high-res animal textures, really helpful for texturing animal skin, fur, etc.
It contains both wild and domestic animals, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Bison, Lama, Rhino, Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Wolf, Jaguarundi, Kangaroo, Deer, Tapir, Monkey, Chimpanzee, Gazelle, Hyena, Boar, Hippo, Ibex, Bear, Squirrel, Prairie dog, Meerkat, Hog, Warthog, Swine, Antilope, Antelope, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo, Cow, Camel, Horse, Donkey, Pig, Dog, Cat, Ferret and Rat.
You can use these all textures in your work under the license limit by respective author.
Note – some of the websites required sign-in to download the texture.


free Elephant texture

Elephant (3100 x 2492)

free texture elephant

Elephant (2155×1501)

free texture antilope

Antilope (3372×2864)

free Antelope texture

Antelope (2700 x 2304)

free zebra texture

Zebra (3264 x 2448)

free texture zebra

Zebra (3000×2000)

free texture giraffe

Giraffe (3000×2725)

free Giraffe texture

Giraffe (2012 x 2704)

free animal texture

Bison (3264 x 2448)

free texture bison

Bison (3000×1992)

free texture llama

Lama (3136×2948)

free Lama texture

Lama (3264 x 2448)


Rhino (1936 x 1296)

free Rhino texture

Rhino (3213 x 1740)


Lion (3711 x 2473)

free texture lion

Lion (3000×1857)

free texture tiger

Tiger (3000×2422)

free Tiger texture

Tiger (3021 x 1605)

free Cheetah texture

Cheetah (2262 x 1434)

free texture wolf

Wolf (3000×2000)

free Wolf texture

Wolf (2130 x 1761)

free texture jaguarundi

Jaguarundi (3000×2000)

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