54 Architectural Exterior Makings in 3DS Max

Creating bg model is very interesting and easy than character modeling. This is the collection of 54 architectural exterior makings in 3ds max. Here you can find wide variety of architectural structures. Hope you will like it.

Homage to Sidonio Porto

Making of Kumu, Art Museum of Estonia

Making of Roof Garden by Lukasz Szeflinski, Poland

Phoenix Building

Making Of Corner of Cobblestone by Wade Muller

Making of Time Under The Trees by Alfa Smyrna

Hungarian House by Karin Eszterhás

The Making of – A Morning In Province by Julien CHIARI

Alfama by Miguel Fonseca

Making of Autumn In Turnin by: Andrea Polat

London Scene by Jure Zagoricnik

Making of Cultural Heritage of Ancient India


The Building by Ferenc Haraszti

Making of The Coliseum by elviocb

Castle_Making of

Making of Casa Ibicenca by Jose R. Fraga Seivane

Making of the Old Shack

Making of Nightfall by Jesús Oscar Salmerón López

Making of Scwerin Theater


Railyway Station by Jozef Zajac

Settled by Raymon Brugman

Hunters Lodge

Making of Three Seasons and night

Making Of Golden Moment by Ricky Linton

Invisible Tutorial

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