25 Horror, Scary and Monster Character Makings in 3DS Max

To develop weird character you need good creativity and imagination. This is the collection of 25 horror, scary and monster character makings in 3ds max, to give you idea about how to develop weird characters.

The Making of Corak the Hunter

VIDEO tutorial: Fat Monster – Gordo (modeling)

Devil in the detail

Making of Evil Gremlin

Making Of Horned Man

Making of Master of the Bottle

Making of The Viking animation

Hell Yeah! – Making of

Behind the Portrait of Dorian Grey

Making of Dead Twice

Makign of ‘LeChuck the Zombie Pirate’

Anhells” by Julio C. Espada

Victorian Freak

Lord Of The Birds

It’s only a Boy!

Gunslinger Spawn


Making of Madness

Making of The Mirror

Model, Sculpt and Texture a Demon-like Monster

Making of Sten

Making of Ethaus

Making of ‘Made in Saturno’

Making of ‘Trip to the Souk’

Making of ‘Swamp

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