23 Cartoon & Stylized Creature Makings in 3DS Max

Stylized creatures always looks very funny and interesting and make us laugh. To develop such creatures in 3d lot of time and hard work required. This is the collection of 23 cartoon and stylized creature makings in 3ds max. Enjoy it.

15 Minutes of Glory

Making of ‘Mr Froggy’

Making of Roundeye Dragon

Making of Shaved Bumblebee

Making of ‘My Pets’

The making of “Horse”

Making Of ‘Zombie In The Closet’

Making of Snail

Making of Le Rabbit

Making of ‘Aaaa!’

Making Of Course of the Young Warrior

Making of Bobby Bubble

Making Of ‘Play’

Making Of ‘Blue Bird Fishing

Making of The Majestic

Naked Mole Rat

Frog in the Pitcher Plant

Making of the Artist

Making Of The Rapture

The Redline of Dragon Walk

Making of Girl’s Experience

Upside down

The Dreams of Street Cat

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