18 Horror, Scary and Monster Character Makings in Maya

Developing weird character is very unique experience, for that you need good creativity and imagination. This is the collection of 18 horror, scary and monster character makings in maya. Please have a look on making of this characters, to get idea about how to develop weird characters.

building of a character called Kreacher

Making of Skullhead Mobster by Harshdeep Borah

Making of Portrait of a Troll

Making of scholar

Making of Snapshot of a Zombie

Making of Prolapsed Eye by Fausto Tejeda

Making of Kilowog by Adrian Chan

Making of Say Cheese by Eric Provan

Making Of Old Elf by Thaddeus Mitra Maharaj

Making Of ‘Nightmare Stalker

Creating High Res Polygonal Models

Making of The Cursed Pirate by Rohan Oka

The Making of the Giant

Modeling Dragon Man

Modeling Head – Orc

Poly Head Modeling by Dave Komorowski

Making Of Scarecrow by Darko Hanzic

Making of the Gargoyle

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