17 Caricature and Stylized Character Makings in 3DS Max

Caricature is a portrait  that exaggerates the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. Creating caricature in 3d is not simple as 2d. This is the collection of 17 caricature and stylized character makings in 3ds max. Enjoy it.

Making Jimi

Making of the Toilet

Making of Surprise

Making of the Kid

Making of Kamran Saeed

Making of Kameswaran Iyer (Typical South Indian)

Making of Nightmare of Chef

Joker – Undead Version

caricature of Jim Carrey

Making Of ‘Cool Guy’

Making Of The Conductor

Making of ‘Fern’

Bad dream


Mouse Love

Italian Food Shop

Making of The Sky Fisherman

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