15 Cartoon and Stylized Character Makings in Maya

Making cartoon and stylized character is so easy, as you don’t have to make it photorealistic, you have to concentrate on stylized look. This is the collection of 15 cartoon and stylized character makings in maya. Enjoy it.

Making of Chef Zabuza by Daniele Orsetti

3d low character tutorial

Making of Gordon Ramsay – Caricature

Making of Chesney Baker Caricature by Shannon Thomas

Modeling Morgane

Making Of Namaki by Yasser Azarnoush

Making of Zitto by Fernando Faustino Ribeiro

Modeling Character – Bugs Killer

Modeling Soldier

Modeling Human: Naruto Chibi

The process of modelling a character by Carsten Lind

How to build a 3D character

3d Modeling Keroro Gunso

Modeling the head – NURBS – Patches

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