100+ Best Free Motion Capture Files


Human motion is very difficult and time consuming to animate, using motion capture you can make animation so real and fast. Here I have collected 100+ best free motion capture files from across the web.
Available to download in .fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip, .tvd, .amc/.asf and .trc Format. You can edit, mix or loop these motions to create state-of-the-art animations. Enjoy!

Sitting audience motion capture
Audience motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Both Hands Over Light toss motion capture
Throw/Toss (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Turn motion capture
Turn motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Pose motions
Pose motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Accident motions
Accident motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Apologize motion capture
Gesture/etc. (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

pain Chest and Barf motion capture
Pain motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Joke Shee motion capture
Joke motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Backward motion capture
Walk motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Weird skip motion capture
Skip motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Vertical jump motion capture
Jump motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Long Sitting motion capture
Sit Down/Stand Up (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Greeting motions
Greeting motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Forehand Smash tennis motion capture
Tennis motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Free Kick soccor motion capture
Soccor motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Baseball Error motion capture
Baseball motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Golf Putter Test motion capture
Golf motions (.bip, .c3d, .csm, .v, .vsk)

Toroken Ready motion capture
Fighting motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Kata Variation karate motion capture
Karate motions (.fbx, .c3d, .bvh, .bip)

Walk and talk (bip, fbx)

Muaythai Cutting kick loop (bip, fbx)

Be defeated (bip, fbx)

Spartan run freeze position (bip, fbx)

Zero Gravity Free motion
Zero Gravity Free motion (bvh, bip, fbx)

playground motion capture
climb, swing, hang (tvd, c3d, amc)

various expressions human behaviors motion capture
expressions and behaviors (tvd, c3d, amc)

modern dance motion capture
modern dance, gymnastics (tvd, c3d, amc)

dribble shoot basketball motion capture
dribble, shoot basketball (tvd, c3d, amc)

various everyday behaviors motion capture
various everyday behaviors (tvd, c3d, amc)

recreation nursery rhymes animal behaviors motion capture
recreation, nursery rhymes (tvd, c3d, amc)

animal behaviors motion capture
animal behaviors (tvd, c3d, amc)

construction work random motions capture
construction work motions (tvd, c3d, amc)

golf motion capture
Golf (tvd, c3d, amc)

careful actions motion capture
careful actions (tvd, c3d, amc)

actor everyday activities motion capture
actor everyday activities (tvd, c3d, amc)

assorted motions capture
assorted motions (tvd, c3d, amc)

acrobatics motion capture
acrobatics (tvd, c3d, amc)

indian dance motion capture
indian dance (c3d, amc)

Pregnant Woman motion capture
Pregnant Woman (c3d, amc)

Swimming motion capture
Swimming (c3d, amc)

Michael Jackson Styled Motions capture
Michael Jackson Styled Motions (c3d, amc)

Skateboard Motions capture
Skateboard Motions (c3d, amc)

Stylized Motions capture
Stylized Motions (c3d, amc)

Knight mock motion capture
Knight mock (bip, fbx)

Child play and run around motion capture
Child play and run around (bip, fbx)

Cheerleader motion capture
J Cheerleader 19 (bip, fbx)

Buff far attack motion capture
Buff far attack (bip, fbx)

hiphop dance (bip, fbx)

facial motion capture sample files
Facial motion capture sample files (.trc, .fbx, .bvh)

Xsens motion capture demo files
Xsens Motion Capture Demo Files
Cart Wheel, Climbing Stairs, Walking Patrol, Pushed Around, Sky Dive.

Quality of Life Grand Challenge Kitchen Capture
The Quality of Life Grand Challenge: Kitchen Capture

BeyondMotion Motion capture
BeyondMotion Free Mocap (.bvh, .fbx, .c3d)

movlab Mocap Files (C3D, FBX, CSM, BIP)
Dance, Paper, Sit_Walk, Movement, Interaction, Run, RunWalk, StandBy, StandBy_Other, StandBy_WalkRun, StandBySit, Walk, Sports_Scheme.

ACCAD mocap data
ACCAD mocap lab (.bvh, .amc/.asf, .c3d, .tvd, .txt)

Mocap Database HDM05
Mocap Database HDM05 (C3D, ASF/AMC)
Locomotion, Grabbing and Depositing, Table and floor, Shelf, Sports, Dancing, Kicking and punching, Throwing, Rotating arms, Workout, Rope skipping, Badminton, Sitting and Lying Down, Chair, table, floor, Miscellaneous Motions, Clapping and waving, Shouting and tying shoes, Variations of locomotion.

Motion Capture Library Motion
Motion Capture Library (c3d, trc)

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